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Welcome to GÅRD Taste Scandinavian

Amidst the crispy mountains and the mystical forests one can notice the Scandinavian tranquil gaze. The Scandinavian atmosphere is renowned for its relaxed and welcoming spirit. GÅRD embraces such emotions by inviting you to be a part of our restaurant where the dinner table is the heart, and our guests are the focus.

 - Ingredients of the four seasons and local products on each location.

Ingredients of the four seasons and local products on each location.

GÅRD introduces a place where all people can meet, socialize and share stories in an environment of relaxed atmosphere. GÅRD celebrates both the contemporary and traditional, and welcomes you to indulge in the homemade Scandinavian taste.


At GÅRD we pick all our flavors and ingredients from the Scandinavian culture, and even though we have the same menu in all our restaurants, our chiefs in each different restaurants will make add-ons to the menu with local specialities and local ingredients.

GÅRD is a contemporary Scandinavian restaurant serving fusion cooking in a pure Nordic, relaxed & welcoming atmosphere. The service is kind and professional.


Experience our bar-kitchen combinations! At GÅRD you can watch your food being prepared and cooked by real Chefs, see your own drinks being made – and afterwords you can enjoy it, all prepared on site.

Not pre-booked a table at one of our restaurants yet? Whenever we do not hav a table available right away, you can enjoy a refreshment at our bar while waiting.


There is no sincerer love than the love of food.