Behind the scene – our Head of Culinary

Meet Willy Solvang

Name: Willy Solvang
Title: Head of Culinary

Willy was born on Kvamsøy in Norway, just north of the west cape, and got his experience from Michelin star restaurants such as Statholdergaarden and Oro in Oslo. He has several medals from Culinary championchips.

Only two years after he took his diploma, specialized in fish and seafood, Willy opened his own restaurant; Cavatelli Mat og Vinhus in Ålesund.

Willy Solvang has a love and respect for simple, pure food with clean taste and fresh products with natural and local seasoning.


What is unique about GÅRD?
We are a restaurant chain who serves traditional Scandinavian food, showcasing the proud traditions and good ingredients typical of Scandinavia.

What qualities do you associate with SCANDINAVIAN?
Harsh climate, hard work, rustic food.
A place where sunshine is limited and cultivating the land is challenging.
Exotic preservation methods: salted, smoked and dried fish and meat.


Describe the people who work at GÅRD?
We are a positive team of skilled and service minded people at all our locations.Our team is made up of creative and ambitious people of diverse backgrounds and nationalities – eager to learn about Nordic Cuisine and get into the Scandinavian mind-set.

What is your favourite service experience?
Welcoming our guests with a smile and accommodating their wishes and desires; serving them food and drinks with pure flavours, with modest use of spices, in order to enhance the original flavours of the main ingredients.


What about the selection of Healthy Choices?
We offer delicious vegetarian and vegan choices. For our breakfasts we have added more choices of nuts and seeds, and have reduced the use of sugar.

Tell us about the profile of the beverage selection at GÅRD?
We have our own selection of Scandinavian beers and good, affordable wines that all go well with our signature dishes. On top of that we offer well known Scandinavian drinks such as aquavit, Absolut Vodka and several signature cocktails with Nordic ingredients.

What do you think the guests will be most surprised about?
The appealing design, our mouth-watering menu and of course our tasty food!

GÅRD´s food in 3 words

Can you name three keywords that describe the food at GÅRD?


Favourite GÅRD-dish: Gravlaks with stewed dill potatoes and mustard sauce