Behind the scene – our Chef in Gdynia

Meet Przemysław Woźny

Name: Przemysław Woźny
Title: Chef at our GÅRD restaurant situated in Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Gdynia Waterfront

What is unique about GÅRD?
The flavours are collected from old Scandinavian cookbooks, and we have transformed the recipes into contemporary cuisine. Amazing atmosphere, high quality and fresh dishes are certainly some of the distinct features that make our restaurant unique.


What qualities do you associate with SCANDINAVIAN?
In the Scandinavian cuisine, the process of marinating meat is very important. We use a lot of spices, vegetables, mushrooms and forest berries.

Describe the people who work at GÅRD?
Friendly with a sense of humour, creativity, involvement. There is an open, casual and friendly atmosphere in our restaurant.

What is your favourite service experience?
I will never forget the opening night at our restaurant: the first guests and services. There were a lot of people attending, a lot of stress, but I remember it as a very good experience. As a chef, each day is just as important to me as the next, because I have to be prepared for everything.


What about the selection of Healthy Choices?
We rely on fresh produce, and do not accept frozen food. If you order fish, you can be sure that it comes from a reliable, certified source. There are not many heavy dishes on our menu.

Tell about the profile of the beverage selection at GÅRD?
Poland is well-known for our wide variety of alcohol and different tastes of spirits like Bison Grass Vodka. The Bartenders at GÅRD have designed their very own signature cocktails

What do you think the guests will be most surprised about?
Our open kitchen, where guests can watch our chefs are preparing unconventional combinations of flavours. Combined with our restaurant’s original and cosy design, the overall appearance creates a unique ambiance and unforgettable culinary experience.

GÅRD´s food in 3 words

Can you name three keywords that describe the food at GÅRD?


Favourite GÅRD-dish: Toast Skagen