Behind the scene – Restaurant Senior Supervisor in Amsterdam

Meet Robin van de Weerd

Name: Robin van de Weerd
Title: Restaurant Senior Supervisor at GÅRD Restaurant situated at our Courtyard by Marriott Amsterdam Arena Atlas

What is unique about GÅRD in Amsterdam?
We attract all kinds of guests – tourists, hotel guests and locals from in and around Amsterdam who visit us before or after concerts or shows. This diversity gives us a unique atmosphere.


What qualities do you associate with SCANDINAVIAN?
Skiing, moose, northern lights and cold temperatures. Regarding food and drinks; salmon, lingonberries and aquavit.

Describe the people who work at GÅRD?
Our staff comes from Holland, Greece and the US, and our breakfast chef is from Sweden. It is a hardworking and creative team.

What is your favourite service experience?
When people actually get a Nordic inspired taste experience and leave with a smile. I want our guests to feel the Nordic hospitality right here in Amsterdam.


What about the selection of Healthy Choices?
Our chefs use a lot of butter in the food, so most of the dishes are strictly speaking more hearty than healthy. But we always try to have dishes on the menu that are both delicious and healthy.

Tell about the profile of the beverage selection at GÅRD?
We have a broad selection of both Scandinavian and International spirits. You have to try our original and fantastic cocktails with Norwegian aquavit! We also have a selection of local speciality beers, and a wine list with choices from France, Spain and Italy. All our wines go well with food.

What do you think the guests will be most surprised about?
The atmosphere; our guests are amazed that we are able to create such a cosy atmosphere and serve amazingly delicious food in a big restaurant like ours.

GÅRD´s food in 3 words

Can you name three words that describes the food at GÅRD?


Favourite GÅRD-dish: I love all the flatbreads in different varieties that we always have on our menu. They vary with the seasons and are really good – you should try it!