Liquid Wilderness! 

Most people have a good relationship with good beer and therefore we got the idea to get Norwegian, high quality beer into all our GÅRD restaurants, to even better substantiate our philosophy “Taste Scandinavian”.

Try them and see!
  • Consist of pure Nordic/Norwegian water, brewed in smaller tanks.
  • Brewed by people with great love for brewing, and of the beer they create
  • Brewed by experts with passion
  • Crystal clear, pure perfection
  • – exclusively for GÅRD

The names are taken from Norse Mythology, and they also represent the style in beer, flavour and strength.


Saison IPA

Baldur is the Norrøne name for Balder. In the Norse mythology he was the son of Odin and Frigg, the most beautiful god in Åsgård.

Norwegian breweries have been inspired by the beer style Indian Pale Ale (IPA) that American home brewers created in the 1970s. They were again inspired by a beer type that occurred in England probably in the 1750s as a result of trade between England and India.IPA is characterized by the large amount of hops used in the brewing process. This gives the beer distinct bitterness and aroma, and often tropical and fruity characteristic depending on the type of hops used.



Mjolnir is the Norrøne name for Mjølner, who was Tor’s hammer. Tor was the power behind thunder and lightning, and thunder was the sound of his hammer that destroyed enemies.

Pils or Pilsner is the most famous beer type in Norway. The beer originates from the town of Plzen in the Czech Republic, where this beer was brewed for the first time in 1842. A typical pilsner beer is a submerged light beer with distinctive flavor, good aroma and well-balanced bitterness.


Pale Ale

In Norse mythology Hildr had the power to revive the dead in battlefields and used it to maintain the everlasting battle between Hedin and Högni.

Pale ale is a golden beer with medium malt, low to medium fruity and medium bitterness. In Belgium this beer is called “blonde” and is usually even more fruity than a British pale ale.

He was a vice man, the one who invented the beer.
(Platon 428 – 348 f. Kr., Greek philosopher).