GÅRD Brussels

GÅRD is a Scandinavian restaurant with its roots well planted in the classic Scandinavian kitchen. We start with the different ingredients of the four seasons and each of our locations have the freedom to adapt with local products.


In the Scandinavian kitchen, it’s about enjoying your time with friends and family. That is why we have created a menu that suits everyone. You will find rustic food with multiple flavors and a nice mix of meat, shellfish, fish dishes and desserts. Focus will be given to the seasons we are in and the menu will reflect spring, summer, autumn and winter.


Soup & bread - salad - your choice of main - something sweet
22,00 EUR


Roasted Salmon
With tender and crusty leeks, green lettuce and Norwegian butter sauce
23,00 EUR
Pan fried Coal fish filet
Served with glazed onions, grated carrot, potatoes and beurre noisette
23,00 EUR
Grilled Mackerel fillet
With frisee lettuce, stir-fried Brussels sprouts and an Escabeche sauce
23,00 EUR
Seafood Salad
With stir-fried scampi, squid and scallops - and a touch of grapefruit
21,00 EUR
Served with a honey- and mustard dressing, potato salad and smoked caviar
24,00 EUR


Fillet of Veal
Served with creamy Jerusalen artichoke and shallot sauce
22,00 EUR
Crispy Sweetbread
Rolled in popcorn crumbs, served carrot, zucchini and a sauce of caramel
24,00 EUR
Danish Beefsteak
With herb butter, glazed shallot and Belgian fries
24,00 EUR
Roasted Chicken
Served with a creamy foie gras sauce and Basmati rice with vegetables
22,00 EUR


Quinoa Salad
With baby corn and mixed vegetables served with a lemon dressing
16,00 EUR
White Asparagus from Mechelen
Served with a poached egg and a mousseline sauce
24,00 EUR
Vegetable confit
Sprinkled with sasame grains and served with egg on low temperature
16,00 EUR


Graved Salmon
With dill pesto, pickled fennel, spinach salad and horseradish cream
16,00 EUR
GÅRD Club Flatbread
Topped with Chicken, bacon, marinated grilled zicchini, pickled red onion, mustard mayonnaise, semi-dried tomatoes and salad
16,00 EUR
Crispy Duck
With salad, cherry tomatoes and an orange saus
16,00 EUR


GÅRD Burger
With salad, tomatoes, GÅRD dressing, cheddar cheese, bacon, crispy oniion rings, pickled cucumber and fries
18,00 EUR


Scandinavian Wrap
With smoked salmon, cream and dill
16,00 EUR


GÅRD Salad
With your selection of chicken or prawns
16,00 EUR


Scandinavian Parfait of apple, cream and spiced rum
7,00 EUR
Lemon nougat with green tea ice cream
7,00 EUR
Panna cotta of milk chocolate
7,00 EUR

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Welcome to GÅRD Brussels!

Feel free to contact us directly by phone or email to book a table for over 10 guests.

Telephone: +32 2 893 01 70
Email: brussel@gardtastescandinavian.com


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  06:30 – 10:00
Saturday – Sunday 07:00 – 12:00

Monday – Friday 12:00 – 14:00

Monday – Sunday 17:00 – 23:00

Every Day 11:00 – 00:00

Sit down, enjoy – and dream a little.
Take a bite, a glass of wine – and dream a little.