Our Foodfilosofy

GÅRDIOLOGY we call it because at every GÅRD – wherever you may visit us,  you will get affordable gastronomic cuisine and high-quality fresh food prepared and cooked on site.

  • At GÅRD, we use ingredients of the four seasons and local products on each location
  • You will find rustic food with multiple flavours and a nice mix of meat, shellfish, fish dishes and desserts
  • GÅRD have a brand guide were standards within different areas are defined, and all GÅRD restaurants are loyal to the given standards

The Food
The food that served at GÅRD is significant for the concept. The ingredients and flavours are picked from our Scandinavian Culture, and we have the same menu in all of our restaurants; standardized recipes so the dishes both looks and tastes almost the same everywhere.

In each restaurant, chefs can be creative and add local specialities to the menu. In addition, the menu includes typically Scandinavian dishes like Swedish Meatballs and Norwegian Waffles. If a dish is successful in one restaurant, we use “Best practice” and use it between us.

A selection of GÅRD Favorites is a must, and among the favourites, you will find Flatbreads, GÅRD Burger and GÅRD Salad. Our Lunch Tray that consists of Today´s Soup + Salad + Main Course of Choice + something Sweet is very popular.

The Seasons
In Scandinavia, the seasons are much more dramatic and shorter, and the only really long season is the winter. The winter season gives us fantastic cod or skrei, herring, game, whale, crab and lobster, deep red big shrimps and redfish.



Spring-season means morels, asparagus, seagull eggs, seatrout, wild salmon and Halibut. In the Summer-time you can find the best strawberries in the world, new cabbage, cauliflower, new potatoes, mackerel, coalfish and haddock, and Fall is the season for crab, lobster, mussels, oysters, lamb, grouse, deer, reindeer, hare, lingonberries, apples and cloudberries.


The menus
All the menus at GÅRD look the same in every restaurant. Menu-templates are made, and 3 times a year we change our menus to fit the season we are in. The different seasons bring different ingredients to the table and it is important for us to use in our menus. Our Head of Culinary, Willy, works continuously with the next upcoming menus, and together with all the chefs, they make new dished, find new ways and then they try it out on a tasting-day to decide the finally menu together.

GÅRD Menu-guidelines

This is the GÅRD-guidelines for our menus: 

Standard Categories: Appetizer, Fish, Meat, Soups, Flatbreads,  Favorites and Desserts.
Optional Categories: Vegetarian, Vegan, Local dishes, Season dishes and specialties for the Holidays.
Minimum number of dishes: 3 starters, 2 fish, 2 meat, 1 soup, 3 flatbreads, 5 favorites and 2 desserts.
Maximum number of dishes: 5 appetizers, 5 fish, 5 meat, 3 soups, 5 flatbreads, 5 favorites, 4 desserts.
Maximum dishes in the menu: 26.
Minimum dishes in the menu: 18.
2 languages – English and the local language.

Finally, we just have to show some excellent pictures of our great chef at GÅRD in Oslo who makes the most incredible desserts, and his version of the incredible “dessert directly on the table”.

Welcome to GÅRD!